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Welcome to the Krankenhaus vom Roten Kreuz (Red Cross Hospital) in Stuttgart, Germany. As a specialized pulmonary facility, we are committed to decrease the burden of lung disease for all our patients. We are pleased to offer you a wealth of information and invite you to browse through our web pages.

State of the Art medical care

Our specialized medical staff is dedicated to provide the highest level of medical care, using most advanced technical equipment. Patients benefit from minimally invasive procedures in state-of-the-art operating and bronchoscopy rooms as well as high-resolution computer-tomography. Medical doctors from all over Europe come to learn about our lung volume reduction technologies and train at our facility.

Experienced physicians closely network in all our medical specialties and interdisciplinary centers. We are a certified lung cancer center, weaning center and center for the treatment of pulmonary emphysema. We strive to provide individualized care according to the latest medical diagnostic methods and treatment options.

Our nursing staff pledges to adhere to patient-oriented concepts, providing efficient, holistic, and culturally congruent care for all our international patients. We understand that visiting a hospital can be stressful, especially in a foreign country. Therefore, in addition to our expertise, we offer a hospital environment where our patients will feel comfortable receiving personalized attention. 

Your direct contact:

Martin Hetzel, MD, PhD
Head of Department

Dagmar Stickel

Tel.: 0711 5533-21111
Fax: 0711 5533-1107
E-Mail: dagmar.stickel@sana.de